Are Print Catalogues Obsolete?

Decades ago the only effective way that retailers marketed to their customers was through catalogues. Once the internet entered the picture, however, everything changed. Methods of marketing, as well as, software tools to do so transformed the process. Many businesses and retailers still use catalogues in their marketing campaigns.

These are scaled down catalogues compared to dated models. There are benefits associated with these marketing methods. The cost for providing customers and potential customers with catalogues can be significant. It is necessary to compare your benefits from this type of marketing with your costs.

Less Popular than the Internet
It’s no secret that the internet has worked to change the way that business is conducted. There are a percentage of buyers out there that only purchase via the internet. At the same time, there are many that prefer visiting physical store locations. Catalogues generally market to these customers. Although these tools are less effective than the internet in many categories, they can significantly affect sales.

Target a Particular Audience
Catalogues are tools that are effective when marketing to a particular audience. These are often loyal customers of various chains or retailers. Big business typically applies studies to understand the effectiveness of catalogues. For some, these are obsolete tools that need to be replaced with other options. This is a matter in most instances on the cost versus the overall benefit.

Include Specific Deals
Scaled down catalogues are effective in displaying special deals. This offers businesses a way to communicate not only with existing customers. They can use mass mailings to market to potential customers. Seasonal catalogues rather than monthly or quarterly offerings are more cost effective. They can also be used to advertise sales, issue coupons, and other deals that interest shoppers.

Today’s catalogues are different than those sent out years ago. The slimmer more marginal catalogues are sent out based upon customer locations in some instances. Old models are certainly obsolete compared to current standards. Keeping this in minds, companies have found that catalogues are useful in terms of profits. Most retailers have determined that sales flyers are less expensive and more effective. This decision will ultimately depend upon your field and understanding your particular customer base.


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