Back to Basics, Again

Last week, I was at a marketing meeting, reviewing creatives for an upcoming ad campaign that was set to go national in early Spring. It was a new client, and I was enjoying sitting in the background, without putting myself forward too much. After a good 20 minutes of seeing all the different materials that graphics and marketing team had developed, I had to clear my throat and point out “So, where is [Company Name] on these ads?”. After a moment of jaw dropped silence, the graphics director quietly apologized and said they would rework the ads to include the name or logo of the company. Talk about going back to basics! I couldn’t help but think that having a simple collaborative tool for all the designers (like PrintBox) would have brought the oversight to light long before one poor abashed graphics team rep was embarrassed in front of the entire executive team.

Marketing is one of the most essential parts of conducting business. This is true whether your focus is traditional business models or those that utilize the internet. Having an efficient and simple way to market your business is important. PrintBox is one of the special tools in this category that Iterro offers to businesses.

PrintBox provides you with a web-based option for your printing needs. Companies and businesses in various fields require printing resources. The costs associated with these needs can be astronomical. PrintBox supplies you with your print jobs, as well as, an economic way to manage your expenses in this area.

Lower Printing Costs
One of the primary concerns about printing is the cost associated with it. Many businesses have tried different methods to lower their costs. PrintBox offers them a more strategic way to address this issue. It is a cost-efficient tool for all printing. Through PrintBox business are able to have their needs met in a budget-friendly way.

Benefit From Networking
PrintBox is unique in that it connects organizations and businesses with a network of printers. These are printers throughout North America. This option allows you to bid for the lowest cost for your specific needs. If you need booklets or reports, it doesn’t matter. You will be able to bargain shop for the best printing prices. This can result in an effective way to print on a daily basis.

Profit Sharing Bonus
The built-in profit sharing of PrintBox is another bonus. Partners participating in this program have a variety of options. One of these is the ability to print approved materials through their connections. This is a wonderful and useful way to apply marketing skills to your printing process.

PrintBox is a state-of-the-art answer to the printing needs of various businesses at the same time. There are a host of benefits to using this tool to manage your printing needs. It doesn’t matter, whether you require decals, annual reports, or coupons. PrintBox is a great resource for anything that you regularly print. You will have the materials you need to conduct business, while saving significantly on these costs.

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