Marketing Lessons from 2011

Ahh… we’re well into 2012 and the media is starting to ease up on the “best and worst…” lists that have plagued TV for the past few weeks. It seems a good time to talk about what the marketing industry learned in 2011.

Social media blunders were plentiful in 2011 and some lessons were learned the hard way.  Twitter is simple and that makes it dangerous.  Marketers learned that blogging is the better way to go for connection to readership leading to conversions.  Here are just some of the blunders on the famous site.

New Media Strategies learned a hard lesson after one of its’ employees cursed via tweet through a client’s account.  Promoting @ChryslerAutos, the staff let the F-word slip out ultimately costing them their job.  Another face-palm moment came when retailer Kenneth Cole tweeted in very poor taste that the uprising in Egypt was over over hearing about the spring launch date.  Others were not amused.

Aflac fired Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of their mascot duck after the actor made insensitive comments regarding the Japanese tsunami, while GoDaddy, the largest US web domain registry company, had a video posted of its’ CEO shooting an elephant, which caused a huge backlash.  A large backlash against Netflix ensued after the company announced they were spinning off their DVD service into a business named Qwikster.  But it seems the Twitter handle @Qwikster was already taken by someone who enjoyed their newfound star status by downing the move spurring the company to reconsider.

One large consumer product lesson was when Ragu made and promoted their product with a commercial by mothers basically stating how helpless the fathers were and many used social media to speak out against the advertisement in support of fathers.

The top Twitter flub of the year had to be Weinergate.  What an embarrassing last name for this New York congressman who displayed such poor judgement in tweeting a photo of his private area to a Seattle women in May.  The 12- year veteran Congressman Anthony Weiner sidestepped the issue at first by saying he had been hacked but then finally admitted the wrong doing and resigned the United States House of Representatives.

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