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A few years ago, marketing used to be a complicated and expensive venture to undertake.  National ad bookings were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and lead times for campaigns ran into months, if not entire annual quarters!

Today, everything has changed drastically. A recent article regarding a global multimedia campaign revealed a big marketing celebration; it was the Beierdorf AG’s skincare brand, Nivea, which launched an extravagant celebration for their 100th birthday party. And since this skincare brand is a well-known global brand, marketing for them was essential.

Whether you are in advertising, insurance, retail or software development; anyone can truly benefit from the power of content distribution across the online marketplace. The power to provide efficient, excellent quality service is one of Iterro’s goals. Iterro gives all businesses the necessary platform to get ahead in their respective industries.

Iterro can harness the power of content distribution for your company – whether you are just starting up, or if you already have offices spanning the globe. One of the primary products Iterro offers is MarketingBox. MarketingBox is truly revolutionary when it comes to global communications.

Marketing your service or product is an essential part of a business that most companies neglect.  MarketingBox is cost effective, works on all networks and is easy to brand your business. We all are trying to become more eco-friendly and by using MarketingBox, you will not only help our planet, but reduce our carbon footprint. The key features of MarketingBox are:
•    Tracking and Reporting: Who is using the customized templates and campaigns;
•    Corporate Branding: Display your company logo;
•    Automation: Built-in feature to enable automated group email;
•    Email Marketing: Built-in contact management and email deliveries.

All of these key features will enable you to produce a global online presence for your business and ensure that you will increase your company’s exposure significantly.
MarketingBox is the answer you have been waiting for. Along with MarketingBox, Iterro provides language and online support to their customers. MarketingBox will assist you in managing an effective global marketing campaign for your business.

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