4 Tasks for New Marketing Professionals

This past holiday season, amid eggnog and turkey, I got a chance to sit down with one of my cousins, who had recently graduated from a great marketing program at a local college. He asked me one fundamental question – “How do I get a job in this economy?” So for all of you recent grads out there, let me share some advice: You have to market yourself!

Networking may seem a bit cliche, but it’s never more important to connect with others than during your first year of work.  Attend industry conferences, join local organizations and don’t feel uncomfortable about mentioning business in personal settings.  Use every person as a possible networking source.  Word-of-mouth may seem ancient, yet, it still works.

Shadowing a professional in the field should also be part of the initial work experience.  The visualization of the basic tasks and knowledge needed will provide a set of ‘best practices’ to follow when that first job is secured.  Often times, arranging a job shadow or informational interview with a marketing professional can lead to an eventual job offer, either at that particular company or by referral.

One major way to stay on top of today’s marketing trends is by completely embracing technology.  Gadgets and computers are the base of our Technology Age and advertising is ever-present in buying and using both.  Familiarize yourself with all of the niches involved and become part of the game by understanding the difference between an App and Twitter or Kindle and XBox 360.

Starting a blog is a great way to jump into the social web and put yourself out there.  Writing original content will challenge you to hone your communication skills and learn the ropes of marketing on the web.  Blogging allows for building a readership of peers and fans who will chime in on the conversation when prodded to provide for a true career-building experience.  You may even earn a few dollars in the process.

There are many more tasks that can be involved in the searching for a job in marketing but these should definitely be included for jump-starting your success.

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