Don’t Give Customers the Runaround

I’m a big fan of QR codes and I’m pleased to see that they’re showing up everywhere nowadays. The world needed a user-friendly solution to align offline and online marketing, and those handy little square pixilated gems are a great invention. Want more info? Just scan with your smart phone and receive special information and offers.

That said, I’ve seen a lot of businesses recently who are failing to use QR codes and subsequent marketing effectively, turning what should be an easy 2-step process into a labyrinth of marketing messages. Case in point was a local retailer I stumbled across the other day, who listed a QR code that promised a $5 discount offer when scanned. I diligently pulled out my iPhone, but from there the online process was dismal – the first screen was rife with errors, the second screen forced me to consider multiple other unrelated offers before continuing, and then to officially kill my interest, the final screen (at least before I gave up) requested more than 10 data fields of information (all to be typed on my wee little phone while on the run).

If you’re using QR codes in your print mail advertising, congratulations – you’ve taken a great step towards engaging the customer’s interest in your product or service. But be sure that the online methodology for rewarding that interest is just as simple and easy as the one-click scanning feature in the first step, or you’re wasting your marketing dollars (and your customer’s time).

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