If you’re looking for some professional New Year’s resolutions, we’ve helpfully compiled a list of good ones.  Feel free to take our resolutions as your own, and have a safe and wonderful New Year!

1.  This year, I shall add value with branding.   Branding is not just a way to claim or draw . . . → Read More: Resolved!

That New Car Smell

I just bought a new car, a 2012 Hyundai Elantra.  This is now my fourth Hyundai product, which might suggest some degree of brand loyalty.

But every time I’ve bought a car I have shopped around; nobody’s going to get me to pay that much money without me doing some research, and I . . . → Read More: That New Car Smell

Black Mark Berry

Few companies are more profitable and simultaneously more allegedly doomed than Research in Motion, whose stock price has been falling like the mountaineer on “The Price Is Right” despite the fact that the company keeps making money.  In fact, as of this writing, any rational analysis of the company’s worth puts its real . . . → Read More: Black Mark Berry

Tebow Mania

Everywhere I go these days it seems I’m hearing the words “Tim Tebow.”  Do you know who he is?  Of course, you do.  He’s the former Heisman-winning quarterback from the University of Florida that now plays for the Denver Broncos.  The fact that we’re saying his name proves that sports branding continues to . . . → Read More: Tebow Mania

Best Holiday Commercials of 2011

Every year advertisers use the holiday shopping season to feature some of their best campaigns.  Television commercials can excite kids and tug at the heart strings of adults while promoting their brand.  Here are a few of the best this season.

Toys “R” Us keeps it simple but effective by compiling a montage . . . → Read More: Best Holiday Commercials of 2011

Top Christmas Eve Gift Ideas

Many people, especially men, wait until the last minute to deal with holiday shopping.  There are many retail stores and brands that these people gravitate toward during crunch time in order to buy their gifts by Christmas.

Huge department stores like Macy’s get a large number of last minute shoppers running into to . . . → Read More: Top Christmas Eve Gift Ideas

Brand Bad News

Getting your brand out through social media is today’s reality; a business that fails to use social media to heighten brand awareness is already years behind.  But there is risk in social media that isn’t present in regular media… it’s social.

Unlike most other media, social media is inherently bidirectional.  Facebook pages can . . . → Read More: Brand Bad News

Where There’s Smokey, There’s Confusion

This Christmas my daughter most desperately wants Smokey the Fire Truck.  Smokey is  a foot-tall robotic fire truck with a personality; he sings, he talks, he shoots blue plastic “water bombs” and he’s generally a combination of a fire truck and a stand up prop comic.  A sequel to Mattel’s previous installments in . . . → Read More: Where There’s Smokey, There’s Confusion

Merry Christmas, Coca-Cola

About a month ago I cracked open a case of Coca-Cola and was surprised and disappointed to find I’d inadvertently bought Diet Coke… but wait, I hadn’t.  The box was regular Coke, but the cans…  Well, the cans were regular Coke, but the new white Christmas-themed Coke can had fooled me into thinking they . . . → Read More: Merry Christmas, Coca-Cola


A couple of weeks ago, I suffered a cataclysmic failure of my laptop, forcing a complete rebuild from the ground up, including my Outlook inbox. For someone who has more than 50 individual email folders and dozens if not hundreds of pre-configured rules to direct mail into the folders clean, it was a . . . → Read More: Spamtastic

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