Pricy Kids

According to the U.S. Government, the average price of raising a child in the United States from birth to age 18 has soared to $226,920, a staggering increase of 40% from just ten years before.

Some of the expenses are unavoidable; rising gasoline costs, increased rent.  And yet parents are still rushing to . . . → Read More: Pricy Kids

Where Have All The Good Workers Gone?

Of the last four customers I’ve visited, all have complained about an inability to find quality talent to fill empty positions.  This may seem unbelievable when unemployment is a daily tale of woe in the business pages, but employer after employer complains of the same thing.  “I can find people,” they always tell . . . → Read More: Where Have All The Good Workers Gone?


One of the most anticipated movies of the fall is “Moneyball,” in which Brad Pitt plays real life baseball executive Billy Beane, who must try to push his Oakland Athletics to victory despite having no money to spend on players.

Whatever the movie’s strengths, one thing is for sure; the Oakland Athletics brand . . . → Read More: Marketingball

Try Being Negative

Most companies employ a certain amount of behavior modeling in their marketing; knowing who their ideal clients are, and actively looking for ways to get more of those clients. It’s a no brainer that knowing what characteristics are most commonly associated with your most profitable customers let you make informed decisions about where . . . → Read More: Try Being Negative

4 Magic Words

Years ago, in an office far far away, I had the pleasure of working in a call center for a large international company. I’m not being sarcastic; I really did find it a pleasure, if not for the work (dealing with difficult and often angry customers) then for the learning experience in how . . . → Read More: 4 Magic Words

The Cheque’s in the Mail

A few weeks ago, I was unfortunate enough to experience one of the most frustrating experiences known to man – convincing a company from whom I’d made an online purchase that the pair of winter boots they’d shipped didn’t get to me. The order had shipped just fine and (from the perspective of . . . → Read More: The Cheque’s in the Mail

Gearing Up for the Holidays

It seems a little absurd to be writing this, when I’m sitting in my office looking at the sunshine and listening to my air conditioner battle with the 27 degree weather outside, but the fact is that September is prime time for holiday season planning. Studies report that up to 20% of Christmas . . . → Read More: Gearing Up for the Holidays

How Much Have You Forgotten?

There’s an old saying – “I’ve forgotten more than you will ever know” – which is typically used by veterans in a field, when confronted with new graduates who are filled to the brim with information and enthusiasm but rarely experience. Although always intended to put eager new interns in their place, unfortunately, . . . → Read More: How Much Have You Forgotten?

Lifelong Learning

My daughter started school this month, getting into Grade One (or “Big Girl School” as she likes to call it). So far, it’s going great – she’s a little ahead of the rest of her class. She did have one rough day, when she came home exhausted on Thursday and said, in an . . . → Read More: Lifelong Learning

What’s The Deal?

Direct Marketing News had a great article on Groupon and LivingSocial sites this week, comparing the relative value of each and asking if daily discount sites had a place in the future marketing landscape; particularly by established brands. It’s all well and fine for new businesses to jump start their clientele list with . . . → Read More: What’s The Deal?

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