Under the Hood

Earlier this week I was browsing around Kijiji looking for an arborist company to come and trim the trees in the backyard of my new house, when I saw a little sidebar offering to show readers what was “Under the Hood” at the company. Naturally, I click and the link lead to the company . . . → Read More: Under the Hood

Avoiding Negative Endorsements

Ambercrombie and Fitch made marketing news last week when they announced that they’d paid Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from Jersey Shore to NOT wear their products. They apparently felt that Sorrentino’s behavior on the MTV reality show would negatively impact their brand, with a definite “This is NOT our target market” vibe.

While you . . . → Read More: Avoiding Negative Endorsements

Is Everyone On the Same Page?

I was visiting an antiques shop last weekend, and spent some time admiring a vintage Coca-Cola ice chest, which was not only older than I am, but was likely older than my parents age as well. The reason I was admiring it – the red on this antique, slightly rusted ice chest was exactly . . . → Read More: Is Everyone On the Same Page?

Start With the Message, Then Choose the Channel

When I moved last week, I wanted to do something nice for my old neighbors, letting them know that I would miss them at my new home. Unfortunately, there is a lack of “Thanks for mowing my lawn and snowplowing my driveway for free” cards to be found on the local Hallmark store, so . . . → Read More: Start With the Message, Then Choose the Channel

How Fresh Is Your List?

Last week, I had the fun experience of moving. Of course, by fun, I mean “exhausting, messy, and entirely disorienting”. In cleaning out my fridge for the move, I discovered a loaf of bread which by the expiry date I had been holding on to not only for too many days but in fact . . . → Read More: How Fresh Is Your List?

Cause and Effect

Macy’s announced last week that they were going to add a strong social cause component to their new back-to-school campaign, donating $1 for every Facebook “like” that their chosen charity receives online.

Cause marketing isn’t anything new for executives, where support for a cause that’s aligned with the company’s values can create a strong . . . → Read More: Cause and Effect

Extra Cheese and a Slice of Frustration, Please.

This past weekend, after a long day re-staining my deck in the hot summer sun, I opted to order pizza rather than fire up the BBQ to cook. Fortunately, my favorite pizza place had just sent out weekly flyers including a great 2-for-1 deal that meant I could have my pepperoni and eat it . . . → Read More: Extra Cheese and a Slice of Frustration, Please.

The Check’s in the Mail

Despite evidence that addressed direct mail continues to be one of the most welcome methods of communicating with potential customers, it seems that businesses are continuing to abandon this channel. Last week, the US Postal Service reported a net loss of $3.1 billion dollars in the past quarter, and announced they anticipated a . . . → Read More: The Check’s in the Mail

The Lexus Effect

Until recently, consumers had a limited selection of companies that they could choose to deal with. This was often dictated by where they lived, how their tastes had developed, and what form of advertising was used. Of course, this is not the case anymore.  The woman shopping in the local mall is also . . . → Read More: The Lexus Effect

Clients Vs Consumers: There’s a Difference

Today I wanted to start off with a very controversial topic, the difference between clients and consumers. Often those two words are used interchangeably, but it’s important to recognize that there IS a difference, and it affects who you market and handle each group.

• Client – a person or organization taking advice, . . . → Read More: Clients Vs Consumers: There’s a Difference

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