Will That Be Cash or Credit?

Last week, Ebay announced that company revenues in the 2nd quarter were up 25%, driven primarily by its PayPal division, which not only increased 34% year-over-year but also celebrated the milestones of having the first million-dollar quarter as well as hitting more than 100 million active users.

Online retailers are quickly learning one . . . → Read More: Will That Be Cash or Credit?

Back to School

As I write this, its Toronto’s hottest July day in history, with temperatures reaching close to 50 degrees Celsius. Ironically, I’ve just finished browsing through the July issue of Vogue magazine, which has been kind enough to show me the best looks for cold weather this fall. That’s right – as I’m quietly . . . → Read More: Back to School

Harry Potter and The Thingamejiggy

 Like most die-hard Harry Potter fans, I’ll admit that I was in the audience opening night for the final movie in the series a couple of weeks ago, along with a few friends, some of whom admitted they’d never read any of the books nor seen any of the movies.

While standing in . . . → Read More: Harry Potter and The Thingamejiggy

Shelf Life

Gah. It’s the middle of the afternoon as I write this. I’ve just raided the employee fridge here in the office and SOMEONE (without mentioning names) has elected to leave his/her lunch uneaten and silently decomposing in there for the past three weeks. A whiff of eau-de-yuck wafts out each time anyone opens . . . → Read More: Shelf Life

The Good, The Bad and… The Shocking?

The Simpsons TV show turns 22 years old this year, a fact that startled and kind of alarmed me when I heard it yesterday. Hey, I’ve got co-workers who aren’t as old as that. For myself, however, the Simpsons is really only about 18 years old based on the fact that when the . . . → Read More: The Good, The Bad and… The Shocking?

Where To Invest Surplus Budget

Marketing is a battle of resources and data, with the latter informing how the former are used at all times. As the economy is picking up better than previously projected, a number of marketing executives are finding that the deep cutbacks of last year are resulting in budget surpluses going into the last . . . → Read More: Where To Invest Surplus Budget

The Catalogs are Back

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll recall that I’ve received several catalogs now in the mail which have made me question what kind of market segmentation lists I’ve mistakenly ended up on. First was the geriatric products catalog, then came the “approaching retirement” catalog, and now finally… an ex-patriot . . . → Read More: The Catalogs are Back

The Brand as a Promise

Want something fun to do at your next cocktail party? Get together any group of 3 or more marketing executives and ask them to define what the word “brand” means. I guarantee that you’ll get at least 3 different definitions… and probably start an argument that will last the rest of the night.

. . . → Read More: The Brand as a Promise

Integrated Marketing

This week, Valpak announced that they would begin offering Quick Response (QR) codes with their direct mail products. Having long been a fan of QR codes (I never shop without my iPhone anymore!) I believe this is one of those giant leaps for marketing kind – the integration of offline and online marketing in . . . → Read More: Integrated Marketing

Is Your Brand Part of Your USP?

Your company’s USP (unique selling proposition) is one of the most fundamental aspects of your marketing. It’s the unparalleled features and benefits that your customers derive from doing business with you, unmatched by any other competitor.

Branding has almost the same definition – the unique identity for your business, which is entirely different . . . → Read More: Is Your Brand Part of Your USP?

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