Horray for Mail!

As of early this week, mail service will be resumed here in Canada, and not a moment too soon. Aside from the fact that I miss my mail carrier (a lovely lady who always has a cheerful hello for me), I’m also craving a dose of good direct marketing mail.

Just as the . . . → Read More: Horray for Mail!

Including Transparency in Your Branding

A few weeks ago, I visited a restaurant in town to ascertain for myself if all the buzz and fuss about the place was warranted. Everyone was talking about this establishment so I had to see for myself.

I was immediately impressed with the décor, the cleanliness, the menu, and the staff. What . . . → Read More: Including Transparency in Your Branding

Loss-Based Marketing

Most marketing executives are, to one degree or another, students of economics. After all, unless your efforts are resulting in bottom-line improvements for your company, you’re unlikely to stay employed very long.

This week I’ve been reading The Logic of Life by Tim Harford – an editor at the Financial Times. One of . . . → Read More: Loss-Based Marketing

Macro vs. Micro Marketing

After a late-night campaign planning session earlier this week, I returned home in the wee hours and flipped on my TV, not really caring what was on, just looking for something to lull my brain before bed. What was on was a paid advertisement section for a “save a child in Africa” charity. . . . → Read More: Macro vs. Micro Marketing

They’re at the Post

No, this isn’t a racetrack themed blog. This blog’s subject title refers to my recent order of gardening tools, which are currently somewhere in the Canada Post system. And, since I noticed this morning that my local Canada Post employees are locked out of their local distribution station because of a strike situation, . . . → Read More: They’re at the Post

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3….

A few years ago, I worked on a new branding campaign for a book-related product that was going to revolutionize the industry. During our brain storming session, I was pitched with a hundred or so possible product names, each a variation on the concepts of listening, audiobooks, books on CD, hearing, etc etc. . . . → Read More: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3….

Appetizing Pictures

I’ve mentioned before that I really like the neighborhood I live in. One of the reasons is that there’s a great local fish and chip place just around the corner from my house. It’s the typical mom-and-pop shop, where the owners have been in business for over 30 years. Unfortunately, the décor of . . . → Read More: Appetizing Pictures

Thinking One Step Ahead

I’m fortunate enough to live in a terrific neighborhood in the Greater Toronto Area – a quiet family street with easy access to local shops and amenities. There are 4 good convenience stores within a minute’s walk of my front door, which is pretty important, let me tell you, when you discover at . . . → Read More: Thinking One Step Ahead

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

I took the plunge yesterday and went into my local electronics store to buy a new camera. My old point-and-click camera is good for quick shots, but I’m interested in capturing my family summer vacation with a bit more style and resolution. Now, I didn’t do any online research (which I would normally . . . → Read More: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Capturing the Pre-Customer

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I’d received a “senior-oriented” catalog in the mail, offering such fine items as bejeweled denture cases and gilt walkers. I believe I also mentioned that, at the tender age of 32, I was an unlikely candidate for their products and they were wasting profits marketing to me. . . . → Read More: Capturing the Pre-Customer

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