Premium Brands

I’m writing this today as I sit on a patio at Boston Pizza. Given the combination of abundant wireless internet, one of the first truly hot days of the year, and my oh-so-portable laptop, it seemed the right choice to work on my blogging and my suntan at the same time.

My choice . . . → Read More: Premium Brands

Kwalitee Quntroll

I’ll admit that I’m a bit picky when it comes to quality control. When I go to the movies, I always spot continuity errors – scenes in which an actor’s clothing/hair/setting changes with multiple takes. When reading a book, I’ll instinctively circle editing errors. When doing hiring, I immediately toss out resumes that . . . → Read More: Kwalitee Quntroll

“Oh @#$%” – Recovering From PR Disasters

If you’re planning on buying a new online games system right now, chances are you’re going to think twice before buying a Playstation.  In April, Sony announced that their popular Playstation Network had been hacked, compromising personal account information for tens of millions of customers. The entire global system was down for more . . . → Read More: “Oh @#$%” – Recovering From PR Disasters

It Never Rains But It Pours

Spring here in Toronto has been a very long, very wet affair this year. We’ve had record rainfall, and just recently recovered from a stretch where it rained all but 9 out of 168 hours in the week. While I’ll be the first to admit that I prefer rain to snow, this is . . . → Read More: It Never Rains But It Pours

Branding For Men

Watching TV last night, I found myself rewinding and replaying a commercial that caught my attention. The product was simple enough – a moisturizing lotion for men – but what held my interest was that it wasn’t called a moisturizing lotion. It was called an “anti-fatigue gel”.

The reason that the commercial made . . . → Read More: Branding For Men

Going Micro

If you’ve ever driven around the suburbs of Toronto in the Spring, you’ll know that paving company signs are everywhere. The long hard salt-laden winters in Canada mean that our driveways don’t have the longevity of southern climates and it’s safe to say that most homeowners have to replace or reseal their driveways . . . → Read More: Going Micro

To Whom It May Concern

I opened my mail today and discovered a flyer from my car dealership, offering a summer tune-up special. Now, since my car has been making a rather unsettling rattle lately, timing was pretty perfect.

What put me off, however, was the addressing on the label. It was addressed to my name with a . . . → Read More: To Whom It May Concern

Taking Online Lessons Offline

Recently I attended a Canadian Marketing Association conference, to keep my hand in the current trends and exchange ideas with other marketers. I love these events, but I will admit that I was a little off-put by how much of the agenda was devoted to online marketing.

Now, I know that online marketing . . . → Read More: Taking Online Lessons Offline

What’s That Say?

Earlier this week, I was mentioning that I’d gotten an “elderly-oriented” catalog in the mail, notwithstanding the fact that I myself am more BMW than Buick, more Dolce and Gabbana than Depends, more family home than retirement home. In short, I’m mid-thirties, not mid-eighties and the catalog was pitching to the wrong demographic.

. . . → Read More: What’s That Say?

The Power of List Segmentation

This morning, I had a unique experience – I pulled my mail out of my mailbox and burst out laughing.

To explain how I got to this point, I have to give you some background. In December, I went online to buy my grandmother a soothing beeswax hand basin to help her with . . . → Read More: The Power of List Segmentation

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