Someone Is Always On Your Heels

If you ask any ten people what are the top 2 social media platforms today, I guarantee that most of them will say Facebook and Twitter. If you’d asked the same question 5 years ago, I bet the answer would have been different – My Space and Facebook.

That’s a pretty significant shift . . . → Read More: Someone Is Always On Your Heels

Using Residual Sales to Make Advertising Dollars Make Sense

Last night, I was watching a popular television where two business owners were talking about how they viewed their advertising dollars.

Unlike most companies, they didn’t simply measure the metric between ad spend and sales (although obviously that was a significant portion of their ROI calculation). They also spent a great deal of . . . → Read More: Using Residual Sales to Make Advertising Dollars Make Sense

Use the Math to Uncover the Gold

As I write this blog, I’m remembering my 9th grade math class with Mr. Wilkerson. I distinctly recall the lesson on the differences between the mean, median, and mode.  In case you can’t remember, mean is the average (taking the sum of all data points and dividing it by the number of data . . . → Read More: Use the Math to Uncover the Gold

Think You Know Which Creative Wins?

A friend of mine sent me an email this week that went something along the lines of “Oh man, I failed 7/10. And I call myself a marketer.” along with a link to

I spent about 10 minutes on this site and I have to admit, although I did much better than . . . → Read More: Think You Know Which Creative Wins?

New Clients Are Paying Attention

I attended a great conference that talked about customer lifecycles – specifically, how new customers engage with companies and want to be marketed to. One of the big takeaways that I had was this – new customers (ie those who have purchased in the past 3 days) are 10X more likely . . . → Read More: New Clients Are Paying Attention

Love Thy Neighbour

Ahhh, I love spring. Here in Canada, the melting of the snow and the appearance of crocuses in the garden is especially welcome. I can always tell when Spring is approaching by the re-appearance of my neighbors. After 4-6 months of us all being locked inside our homes with only infrequent mad dashes . . . → Read More: Love Thy Neighbour

Buy Local

One of the big trends right now in restaurants and supermarkets is the concept of “buying local”. The message is that locally grown produce is fresher and costs less to transport – a win-win for both the consumer and the vendor.

It’s a message that marketing teams should take to heart, regardless of . . . → Read More: Buy Local

Agile Marketing

I’ll admit that I’m a fan of old-school comic books. I grew up reading a rather dog-eared collection of old comics that were handed down from my Dad. While I’ll likely never attend ComicCon, I know the difference between Wonder Woman and Bat Girl, and I happen to own both Iron Man movies . . . → Read More: Agile Marketing

Creative Services

Last year, I was fortunate enough to be maid-of-honor in my best friend’s wedding and in an effort to cut costs for the new couple, I offered to do the makeup for the bridal party myself. After all, how hard could it be? The bride wisely decided to go with a professional makeup artist . . . → Read More: Creative Services

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