Ad Pricing Is All About Timing

The other day I was reading Tim Ferris’s classic book “The 4 Hour Work Week”, and he devoted a fairly lengthy section to print ad buying. His central message was “Don’t ever pay list price!”

If you’re a veteran ad buyer, that’s probably not news to you. You know that, like the MSRP when . . . → Read More: Ad Pricing Is All About Timing

Your Marketing Assets

There used to be a commercial on TV, I can’t remember how long ago, that asked parents a very catchy question – “Its 11pm. Do you know where your children are?” The message can easily be applied to marketing directors and their creative assets. “It’s 1 hour until your advertiser’s deadline. Do you . . . → Read More: Your Marketing Assets

The Art and Science of Marketing

We’ve been looking lately as some of the upcoming marketing conferences here in Toronto, and the Art of Marketing show in March caught our eye. It looks like a great show, but it made us start to think.

One of the interesting things for us at iterro is that so much of our . . . → Read More: The Art and Science of Marketing

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