Are Print Catalogues Obsolete?

Decades ago the only effective way that retailers marketed to their customers was through catalogues. Once the internet entered the picture, however, everything changed. Methods of marketing, as well as, software tools to do so transformed the process. Many businesses and retailers still use catalogues in their marketing campaigns.

These are scaled down . . . → Read More: Are Print Catalogues Obsolete?

“Sorry, who are you again?”

Profiling your audience is certainly important when it comes to marketing techniques. Finding the right resources to do so is critical. This is one of the reasons why the tools offered at Iterro are effective. They help you to tailor your marketing campaigns to suit your needs. Some of the top products offered . . . → Read More: “Sorry, who are you again?”

Expect More Online Ads in 2012

Working in the marketing and advertising industry for so many years, I’ve gotten used to seeing campaigns that I know friends and associates at other companies have worked on. I’m not above sending off a quick message to an associate to say where I saw their ad (on or offline) and whether I . . . → Read More: Expect More Online Ads in 2012

The Christmas Non-Gift

Last month, I was on the hunt for the Christmas “Non-Gift”; that is, the big ticket item from my holiday wishlist that I didn’t get, and so I was shopping for myself. Like most large purchases, I decided to take my time and shop around for the best quality and best price – . . . → Read More: The Christmas Non-Gift

Do USPS Problems Affect You?

Most people have heard of the problems that the United States Postal Service is facing, and for Canadian companies that do business across the border, the problems are already having a big impact. For the past several years, USPS has suffered with meeting financial obligations. Deficits have led to dwindling staffs at the . . . → Read More: Do USPS Problems Affect You?

Marketing Lessons from 2011

Ahh… we’re well into 2012 and the media is starting to ease up on the “best and worst…” lists that have plagued TV for the past few weeks. It seems a good time to talk about what the marketing industry learned in 2011.

Social media blunders were plentiful in 2011 and some lessons . . . → Read More: Marketing Lessons from 2011

Back to Basics, Again

Last week, I was at a marketing meeting, reviewing creatives for an upcoming ad campaign that was set to go national in early Spring. It was a new client, and I was enjoying sitting in the background, without putting myself forward too much. After a good 20 minutes of seeing all the different . . . → Read More: Back to Basics, Again

Harness the Power of Content Distribution

A few years ago, marketing used to be a complicated and expensive venture to undertake.  National ad bookings were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and lead times for campaigns ran into months, if not entire annual quarters!

Today, everything has changed drastically. A recent article regarding a global multimedia campaign revealed . . . → Read More: Harness the Power of Content Distribution

Calculating ROI for Direct Mail: 3 Metrics to Consider

Many marketers feel direct mail is a thing of the past, yet statistics show that businesses can still earn big money from ‘snail mail’.

ROI is a simple arithmetic ratio of benefits to costs (less the costs of course) expressed as a percentage and measures the magnitude of benefits to costs, benefits returned . . . → Read More: Calculating ROI for Direct Mail: 3 Metrics to Consider

4 Tasks for New Marketing Professionals

This past holiday season, amid eggnog and turkey, I got a chance to sit down with one of my cousins, who had recently graduated from a great marketing program at a local college. He asked me one fundamental question – “How do I get a job in this economy?” So for all of . . . → Read More: 4 Tasks for New Marketing Professionals

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